FlAVATAR was a great success outside Hungary as well!

This spring, Richárd Kun’s glimmering flowers gained immense success in one of the largest and most acclaimed international competitions A Design Award, according to Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu. ViaFlora Group’s project manager Richárd Kun’s fluorescent flowers are available in Hungary as well under the name flAVATAR. The licensed Hungarian specialty received bronze award in the category of the world’s best lighting design products.

For the international design competition A’ Design Award & Competition, which was established in 2010, multiple thousands of entries have arrived from all corners of the world. After the professional evaluations, the jury consisting of scholars, experts from different industries and influential journalists have chosen the best candidates in each category.

At the end of this process, flAVATAR received the bronze award among Lighting Design projects. This means that the shining flowers designed by Hungarians is one of the best products with lighting design concept in the world.

“There are very few innovations in the Hungarian and international flower market. It is mostly due to the limited development opportunities of the branch. A flower like flAVATAR might prevail on the market if it receives awards and prizes.

The A’ Design Award is a huge appreciation for us with which we can provide example for the florists’ world, as we considered nature’s laws at a maximum rate during the development of flAVATAR and created such a special flower that enriches our environment,” Richárd Kun highlighted after getting the award.

The expert added that he hopes that A’ Design Award helps viaFlora Group to distribute the fluorescent flowers in a wider market. FlAVATAR is currently available in several European countries and some places outside the EU.

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Photo: facebook.com/flavatar.hu

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Source: Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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