Budapest, September 17 (MTI) – Hungarian police were exposed to brutal attacks from Serbian territory at the Roszke border crossing point on Wednesday, the Hungarian foreign minister told MTI late on the day in response to critical remarks by the German defence minister and the Serbian prime minister.

In the brutal attack by a group of aggressive migrants, 14 Hungarian police officers were injured, Peter Szijjarto said, adding that it was quite evident that the officers defended themselves and protected Hungary’s territory.

If Serbian police had prevented the attacks on the officers, there would not have been any acts of violence, he said.

In a CNN interview, German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen qualified the Hungarian authorities’ actions as unacceptable.

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic accused Hungary of what he called a “brutal” and “non-European” handling of migrants at the two countries’ border, and urged the European Union to intervene. Vucic called on Hungary to abstain from firing tear gas to Serbian territory.

Photo: MTI


  1. 2 more deluded, ineffective and cowardly politicians. Well done Hungary you protect us all.

  2. good for magyarorszag defending itself, such a small country
    with limited resources.

  3. Obviously the 2 have completely lost touch to the reality. Better people listen to
    the latest remarks of Mr. Seehofer/an ally of Merkel´`s party who in my understanding in principle accepts

    the meassures taken by Hungary.

  4. If the Serbian Prime Minister would stop the migrants heading for the Hungarian border, there would be no need for water or gas. The Serbian Prime minister along with all the Prime Ministers in all the EU countries, eccept for Orbán Viktor, are a bunch of lousy critics and wimps. I beleive all of the EU politicians have lost touch with reality, especialy the hypocritical MERKEL. I beleive Orbán Viktor and his cabinet are doing a first rate job. Congratulations Mr Orbán.

  5. The Serbian minister wants to send them to Hungary so he wouldn’t have to feed them / Serbia has got lots of money like Hungary why don’t they give them jobs clothes and food / oh I forgot… the easiest thing is to let them go to another country and the problem is not yours anymore …wow and then call that other country’s politicians and leaders assholes … Well done Vucic-u uuuu – well I say this to Vucic YOU Feed them now since you let them into Serbia – and send them to Croatia and Slovenia leave Hungary alone you fuck


  7. We must ask ourselves are these the type of immigrants we want to settle in amongst us peaceful and law abiding citizens?
    Do I want myself and my family attacked or brutalised by these thugs? I love Hungary and do not wish to see it end up like Syria is today.

  8. Greece should be condemned and kicked out. They are the weak link that just keep letting the migrants in. Whichever country or organization pushes to accept these migrants, then they should be held accountable to provide transportation, food, clothing, housing and jobs, not other sovereign states.

  9. Greece boasts that they have no refugees, only 60,000, hmm, ya because they let them pass through without any ID. Why the F is Greece still part of Schenghen ?????????

  10. Typical comment from an EU politician who has her head up her backside and ought not to be in any position of authority what so ever.
    Perhaps she would stand up and show her solidarity with these economic migrant thugs by inviting them to come and live in her house in Germany with her and provide them with whatever they require.
    Its time for the EU clowns (Commissioners) were got rid of as they live in another reality, far off planet earth.
    Hooray for Victor Orban without whom we would all by now be swamped and over run by these thugs. It is he who should have been awarded the Noble Peace Prize rather than that lyric mumbler

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