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Hungarian foreign minister slams provisions ‘sneaked into’ EU draft on migration policy

Hungarian foreign minister slams provisions ‘sneaked into’ EU draft on migration policy

Brussels, May 11 (MTI) – After meeting EU counterparts in Brussels on Thursday, Péter Szijjártó, Hungary’s minister of foreign affairs and trade, highlighted the “grave security risks” posed by mass migration and he criticised provisions “sneaked into” a draft EU strategy paper that present migration in a positive light and oblige member state to act accordingly.

Hungary will only approve the European Consensus on Development draft if it clearly establishes rights and powers for member states to set their own migration policy, he said after a meeting of EU foreign trade ministers. Nor should member states be forced to change their policy and facilitate migration, Szijjarto told journalists.

Regarding the EU debate on the economic effects of migration, Hungary’s view is that member states with a high jobless rate should boost economic growth by tapping reserves in their own workforce, he said.

Szijjártó made clear to his counterparts that a common European development strategy is needed. But it should focus on obviating the root causes of migration. The solution to the bloc’s demographic problems lies in supporting families instead of promoting migration, he said. “Hungary does not want to force on to other member states its view on migration,” he said, adding however that this sentiment should be mutual.

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  1. martaburka

    Well said. Szijjarto is a voice of reason and the EU should listen to him.

    If any EU countries want migrants, they should take them from Greece and Italy.

    If Italy does not protect its borders, they have no right to cry wolf. Migrant sips should have been turned back years ago because the present system encourages lawlessness. The EU is helping smugglers make huge profits and adding to the drowning of migrants.

    There should be a legal way for people to enter the EU.

    Countries who do not wish to house migrants presently can help by supplying money, food and manpower to migrant camps.

  2. martaburka

    Well said!! Szijarto is the voice of reason and the EU should listen to him.

    Every country in the EU has the right to accept migrant if they wish to do so. The migrants should be taken from Greece.

    Italy has not lived up to its border protection.

    The EU policy should have been to turn back the migrant ships. This would have stopped the profiteering of smugglers and the accidental drowning of migrants.

    The EU countries should have laws that allow people to immigrate to their country legally.

    Countries who do not wish to house migrants/refugees could help in other ways e.g. provide hospitals, staff to help run camps and do background checks, provide food and clothing or help build a facility to house refugees/migrants in Italy or Greece.

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