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The Tatra 202-type Gingerbread tram of Miskolc successfully retained its title as Europe’s most beautiful Advent tram. The competition started in the middle of December 2019.

Another victory

The competition is organised each year by the Czech MHD86 online portal. Twenty-three cars entered the competition this year. The voting period started in the middle of December 2019, Boon reports.

Miskolc’s Gingerbread tram had a head start, as it has been in the lead since the very first hours. Eventually, Miskolc’s Advent tram won the competition with 52,000 votes. This is the third consecutive year that the Gingerbread tram wins the title of Europe’s most beautiful advent tram.

Miskolc City Transportation Ltd. (MVK) announced this year’s victory on its Facebook page: “We are proud that once again a Hungarian tram is the most beautiful one in Europe. The Gingerbread tram of Miskolc easily won this year’s competition.” The company thanked everyone for voting and also thanked those who helped design and create the magical car.

The Gingerbread tram will be displayed at the Városház Square stop on 5 January. Visitors can take a look at Europe’s most beautiful tram from 6:46 a.m. until 2:35 p.m.

About the tram

The Advent-tram of the Hungarian city, Miskolc, has been transporting passengers for eight years. The unique thing about the tram is that every year it gets a brand-new look. In 2018, a blue-coloured frozen castle-look awaited passengers. This year, the tram transformed into a delicious gingerbread house. The tram is decorated with many lights, curtains, and 3D elements. Inside the tram, each piece of furniture of the house is also made out of gingerbread. The middle of the tram is the house’s kitchen, while the two ends of it are the living rooms.

advent, tram, Hungary, Miskolc
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