A Hungarian girl, studying in the UK, stars in the latest Star Wars episode, The Last Jedi – reports mno.hu. Zoé Nemes got a role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film as well.

During the weekend, at Disney’s D23 event, several footages were shown taken from the most anticipated projects, one of these was a behind the scenes film of The Last Jedi’s shooting. In this footage, a space casino appears for a couple seconds, where the Hungarian Zoé Nemes appears to be a guest.    

Magyar Nemzet contacted Zoé, who told them that she cannot discuss the film before the premiere. Zoé went to a drama school, after which she did modelling, appearing in a couple of music videos and commercials. She moved to London to continue her studies, where she also registered at a casting agency. A week later she had an audition and successfully got the role in the eighth Star Wars episode, which was shot February-April 2016.

Zoé was working yet again February-March this year: she is starring in her favourite director’s, Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film, Phantom Thread. The film is set in 1950’s London and is about the current fashion scene. The main character is played by Academy winner Daniel Day-Lewis: this is actually his last role before retiring.

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The Hungarian model’s character is Day-Lewis’s seamstress, so it seems that Zoé will have plenty of screen time with the legendary actor. Zoé describes the experience as a challenge, as the rest of the cast were actually real-life seamstresses.

The Last Jedi premieres on December 14th in Hungary, while the Phantom Thread’s international premiere is set on the 25th.

Hungary as a location is a favourite of Hollywood filmmakers’, several films were shot here

Zoé is not the only Hungarian to be working with Disney on Star Wars: there were Hungarian stuntsmen and a greensman on the set of the seventh episode. In Rogue One, a Hungarian graphic designer’s work can be seen, while another Hungarian had a role in the design of the eighth episode, as well.

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