Budapest, 2017. december 28. Vargha Tamás (b), a Honvédelmi Minisztérium és Kontrát Károly, a Belügyminisztérium parlamenti államtitkára sajtótájékoztatót tart Budapesten 2017. december 28-án. MTI Fotó: Kovács Tamás

In 2018 Europeans will prize security above all else and the Hungarian government prizes the security of the Hungarian people similarly, a government official said on Thursday.

Károly Kontrát, parliamentary state secretary of the ministry of the interior, told a news conference that in 2018 the government will devote 50 billion forints (EUR 16.1m) on top of the value of this year’s allocation in support of the operations and development of the police and the counter-terrorism and national security agencies in order to handle the problem of migration affecting Europe and the persistent danger of terrorism.

He added that as long as migration is on the agenda, the government will maintain border-protection measures.

“Border defences protect not only the Hungarian people but also the security of Europe as a whole,” he said.

Tamás Vargha, parliamentary state secretary for defence, said Hungarian troops would continue to take part in border defence next year.

The defence budget will be raised by 74 billion forints (EUR 238m) to 428 billion forints, he said confirming the government’s goal for defence spending to reach 2 per percent of GDP by 2024.

Vargha said Hungarian soldiers would continue their peacekeeping and other missions in all the countries they are now stationed.

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  1. Hungarian government official: security citizens top priority 2018 and all must be alert for attacks. Those whop say that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ must have a medical treatment because these people are also a great danger for the population in Europe.
    Jihad against Europe has started in Kosovo.
    In a speech to the United Nations, Macedonian President Ivanov expressed his concern that radicals would want to establish a ‘Balkan caliphate’. Soros, Merkel, the Turks, the Saudi’s and ISIS are working hard on a green corridor for ‘Islamists’ in the Balkans, a caliphate in Europe. They work together with Albanian and Bosnian muslims to eventually establish one large Islamic state/caliphate in the Balkans and then throughout Europe and to revive the Ottoman Empire. Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, the southern part of Serbia and the northern part of Montenegro (where most muslims live) have to become a united Islamic state in the future. That is the first phase of the conquest of Europe. Erdogan considered the Balkan region as part of the Ottoman empire: ‘The objective of Turkey is to live in peace with all countries and restore the power of the Ottoman Empire’, he said.
    In the backyard of Europe a drama is slowly taking place that cannot be seen separately from other developments in our continent: Kosovo became independent. The Serbian province of Kosovo is becoming an Islamic terrorist mafia state in the heart of Europe. The fate of Kosovo is the same as that of Asia Minor, which used to be full of Christian churches and which have now all fallen into ruins. More than 100 old churches and monasteries have been destroyed by cultural barbarians. The Christian memory of Serbia must be destroyed. The Serbs see Kosovo as the cradle of the Serbian Orthodox Church, as an important part of the Serbian empire in the Middle Ages. They like to describe the region as Serbian Jerusalem. The earliest documents giving some insight into the ethnic composition of Kosovo are monastery registers from the 13th and 14th centuries. This shows that at that time 2% of the population was Albanian! The Albanians were nomads and traveled with their herds through the mountains. Their houses were usually not permanent and therefore no real old Albanian monuments are known. More than 1,000 historic buildings, monasteries and churches each speak clearly about the history of Kosovo. The real name of this Serbian province is Kosovo and Metochia (literally means: Land of the Church!). That is why the Albanians do not use the word: Metochia, Land of the Church!
    In Kosovo, Washington, London and Berlin have built the Islamic terrorist UÇK with drug traffickers and bandits. Until 1998 everyone in the world was convinced that the UÇK was a terrorist organization, but later Washington bought them and renamed them ‘freedom fighters’. The special envoy of Washington in the Balkans, Robert Gelbard, himself had confirmed to the international press 3 times in early 1998 that ‘those guys from the UÇK are terrorists’. NATO, which fought together with these fascists, lied about ethnic cleansing, about mass murders and about mass graves in Kosovo of which the Serbs would be the culprits. The US Secretary of Defense, Cohen, claimed that 100,000 deaths probably occurred in Kosovo. After the war, the counter stood at less than 3,000 deaths, a number that included the victims on the Serb side as well as the Albanians who perished during the war. After many months of incessant digging, Carla del Ponte announced that NATO had excavated 2,108 bodies. UN General Lewis Mackenzie said that ‘during the Balkan War one bombed the wrong party in view of the fact that many terrorist movements were given the green light to cause more problems in Bosnia and Kosovo, where many Mujahedin went and where a supporting network of Al-Qaida arose’. The effective cooperation of the United States with the Kosovo conflict should not really surprise us.
    It is the same scenario as in Bosnia. There, the United States also supported the Islamic fascist Alija Izetbegovic as president who had the clear intention to set up a muslimstate in a region where the muslims had the minority (44%). He wrote: There is no peace or coexistence between Islam and non-Islamic social and political movements. Islam definitely excludes the right and possibility to establish a strange ideology in its territory. The Christian Serbs were expelled during the Ottoman rule of Serbian Kosovo and Metochia and it has never stopped since. Due to demographic evolution and persecution of the Serbs in the last century, a majority of the population today is Islamic. In 1353, the Ottomans began to incorporate parts of Europe under sultan Murat I. But in 1389, on the battlefield of Kosovo (the ‘Battle on the Blackbird Field’), the advance of Sultan Murat I was stopped. An army of 100,000 Serbs fought against 300,000 Turks. In fierce battles (slaughter of 16 days!) Both parties suffered heavy losses and the Ottomans withdrew. The advance of the Turks was stopped.
    But, while the Serbs no longer recovered their losses, Bayazid, the son of the Murat who was killed, brought a strong army into the field a year later. The Ottomans could draw from a large reservoir of troops while the Serbs were through their men. The Serbs were regularly put in resistance, but each time without success. By the Ottomans, many muslims/Albanians came to live in Kosovo, who started to consider the country as their territory. Under Mussolini, the Kosovar Albanians had their Great Albania which gave them the opportunity to expel many Serbs whose place was taken by immigrants from Albania. The Yugoslav Communist dictator Tito forbade the Serbian expatriates to return (300.000 Serbs!), while the immigration of Albanians continued. Albanians were taken to Kosovo by Tito after World War II as guests, as other minority groups came to the Netherlands at the end of the years ‘60, but they stayed forever. In this way Serbs lost their majority in Kosovo in the years ‘70. Since NATO has installed an occupying power in Kosovo, more than 200.000 of the remaining Serbs have been expelled! Now the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo is almost complete. Almost no Serbs live anymore! This way the Serbs lost their Kosovo.
    Saudi-Arabia and Turkey are busy changing the Kosovo taken by NATO from Serbia into a strict Sharia state. Saudi-Arabia and other Persian Gulf states have been send money for decades to Kosovo for the construction of mosques and other Islamic institutions which have helped to cultivate communities that adhere to the same radical form of Wahhabism. Competitor Turkey is now also working on its own variant of Islam – which is actually even more dangerous, because under the cover of ‘moderation’ it is at least as extreme and violent as the Saudi-version – to spread in the Balkans. Veils, burqas and Islamic beards increasingly determine the streets in Kosovo (also in Bosnia). Over the past 15 years, the number of mosques has practically doubled and existing mosques have been considerably refurbished. Of the 800 mosques in Kosovo, 240 have been built after the war. Next to each mosque was a sign indicating who the sponsor of the building was. Usually that was Saudi-Arabia.
    Under the eyes of KFOR, Kosovo has developed into an Islamic terror center in the region and is becoming the breeding ground for jihadists. According to The New York Times, 314 Kosovar jihadists have joined IS during the last 2 years. The most famous Jihadist is Lavdrim Muhaxheri. He shocked the world by posing on Facebook while he beheaded a 14-year-old child. Other photos showed how he executed a man with his rifle. Muhaxheri successfully recruited young Jihadists in Kosovo. Although it did not come to an attack, the Kosovar leaders arrested 18 of his recruits between 4 and 16 November. They prepared attacks in Kosovo. Potential targets were Kosovar government buildings, Serbian Orthodox churches and the Israeli football team that would play a game against Albania. Blerim Heta is the first Balkan suicide terrorist. The Albanian Heta blew himself up in Baghdad and killed 52 people. Before he went to Iraq, Heta worked at Camp Bondsteel. In Duisburg (Germany). On December 22, 2016, 2 Kosovo brothers aged 28 and 31 were arrested by the German police. They would prepare an attack on Centro shopping center in Oberhausen. The list of Albanian crimes and terrorism is very long.
    After Kosovo the jihad continues to the rest of Europe. We return to Ottoman times. Brussels, Berlin and Washington want to Islamize Islam with their muslim friends. Throughout Europe there are whole neighborhoods and districts that are not (safely) accessible to others than mohammedans. These districts and districts are even physically marked with signs and such as sharia districts by the Salafists.
    And once muslims have sufficiently replaced the population of a country, non-muslims will forever lose their nation, their culture, their heritage, their civilization, their laws, their land, and their fundamental human rights. What the muslims in the past could not do with the weapons, they do today with the birth rate and immigration. Looking at the history of the expansion of Islam, it is clear that some regions were subjected to Islam militarily and with violence, but that there were hardly any weapons involved in the conquest of quite a few other areas.
    We are greatful and support Hungary’s action to stop illegal ‘ immigration’!

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