Budapest, May 13 (MTI) – Government spokesman Zoltán Kovács has dismissed “as nonsense” the idea that any rejection of the European Union’s planned mandatory migrant quotas in a forthcoming Hungarian referendum would be a vote against the European Union.

This charge is raised whenever Hungary criticises some aspects of the EU’s system and approach to certain issues, he said.

“A difference in opinion, however, does not mean that we are against something,” he said. It is a common interest that a well-functioning, efficient and strong EU should meet the economic, social and demographic challenges it faces, he added.

Kovács said the government and a majority of Hungarians oppose the planned mandatory resettlement of migrants to the country. The referendum scheduled for September or October will enable the government and the prime minister to put forward a clear position which may serve as encouragement to several other member states, Kovács said.

Photo: MTI


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