Franz Timmermans, first vice-president of the European Commission, “plays the role of chief European Union official” while he is at the top of the “Socialists’ pro-migration [EP election] list”, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office told a press conference on Friday.

Gergely Gulyás insisted that applying those “double standards” was a result of “customised legislation” in the EU, and said as an example that the head of the secretariat of Hungarian MEPs in Brussels would be required to suspend his position if he were fielded in the election.

Gulyás said Timmermans enjoyed “revenues equal to 44 million forints (EUR 138,000)” while “promoting the pro-migration list”.

Concerning an upcoming visit by Timmermans to Budapest, Gulyas said the EC’s first vice-president would be “witness to a wedding between the Hungarian post-communist Left and anti-Semites”. He added that Hungary’s Left “identified with anti-Nazism due to its post-communist roots” while it was “ready for wedlock with a party they see as ultra-right”.

Concerning an upcoming visit to Budapest by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Gulyás said that the US is Hungary’s “greatest ally in NATO” and added that Hungary has “no similar alliance with Russia but a reasonable business partnership is in the interest of the whole of Europe”.

Answering a question, Gulyás said it was “no surprise” that Pompeo’s agenda includes meetings with “organisations also financed from the US”. According to press reports, Pompeo will meet leaders of the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (TASZ) and the Helsinki Committee.

On another subject, Gulyás said that the government appreciates Turkey’s role in stemming illegal migration and it would “meet all its payment obligations to facilitate that role”. He also voiced doubt that Frontex could stop a possible wave of migrants from North Africa at the EU’s external borders.


The Hungarian government has called on the European Commission president to withdraw EC vice president Frans Timmermans, who is the spitzenkandidat of the Party of European Socialists, from the commission’s work for the duration of his active campaign to become commission president, read more HERE.

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Source: MTI

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