Budapest, September 20 (MTI) – The green opposition LMP party has proposed expanding the national police staff and the capacity of refugee camps.

Detaling the party’s package of 24 proposals aimed at managing Hungary’s migrant crisis, lawmaker Ferenc Gerstmar said LMP proposes that the government allocate a total of 62.5 billion forints (EUR 200.8m) towards the expansions over the remainder of the year and 2016.

The party also called for expanding the staff of the immigration office and make it mandatory for its workers to provide medical support for refugees. The party said it would increase the office’s budget by a total of 25 billion forints over the next two years.

LMP’s proposals recommend hiring 3,000 new police officers, Gerstmar said.

The party would boost Hungary’s international development funds for the migrants’ countries of origin from the current 23 million forints to 2.5 billion forints in 2015 and 10 billion in 2016.

Gerstmar said LMP would cover the costs by re-allocating funds from public media spending, the parliamentary guard and the expansion of the Paks nuclear plant.

Photo: MTI


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