Conflicts often arise between parents and people who have no children during vacation- states a new survey of Szállá

One out of every six parent has received negative remarks on bringing their child along. The majority would only travel with a baby over 6 months, a quarter of guests with no children would only accept seeing children over 1 year at holiday resorts. A baby gets lost at every 100th hotel apartment, it‘s even happened that a baby was found next to a rottweiler watchdog. According to the guests‘ answers, sometimes children confuse their parents with complete strangers or get distracted and eventually forget to return to them.

Guests are the least tolerant with crying or loud children. Public breastfeeding is a taboo, one fifth of the survey participants found it the biggest root of conflict. The parents‘ most embarassing travel moments occur in connection with neglecting hygiene rules.

Parents with infants still miss special furniture and equipment at hotel apartments the most. 20 percent of them would like more baby activities- playgrounds, paddling pools, different occupations for children. Every 10th parent would appreciate the help and presence of professional babysitters to watch over their child for an hour.

Nowadays the third of holiday resorts sets up rules specially for little children. Feeding and pampering pets is prohibited for them and babies are also required to wear special diapers in pools. Most basically, parents are expected not to leave their children unattended during vacation.

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by Reka Jancskar



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