New “Study in Hungary” project was launched which aims to inform foreigners about education opportunities in Hungary, press release said.

Authors of this project inform foreign youth about education programmes (bachelor, master, MBA, PhD, etc.), preparatory courses and short summer schools offered for incoming students in Hungary via web-site working in English and Azerbaijani languages. Advantages of studying in Hungary, general information about education system and admission rules are explained on the web-site. There is information about 11 Hungarian higher education institutions and colleges online, information about other universities is expected to be placed on the web-site within this project as well. Authors also plan to translate the content into Russian language to attract students from former Soviet Union countries.

Authors would like to note that Azerbaijani-Hungarian Youth Union significantly contributed for launching this web site. This union was founded in Budapest in December, 2012. Azerbaijani youth working and studying in Hungary, socially active youth of Hungary are in the board of this organization. Since it was established, the union has already organized several projects which aim to promote Hungary abroad.

Press release – Study in Hungary


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