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László Palkovics, the minister for innovation and technology, discussed digital challenges and artificial intelligence at an informal meeting of ministers in charge of competitiveness in Vienna on Monday.

In order to boost EU competitiveness, joint efforts need to be made to promote innovation by industrial companies in the field of AI, he said in a statement.

AI has outstanding importance for Hungary because it offers opportunities for research institutes and universities to join large-scale, European R and D innovation schemes, he said.

The government plans to play a role in implementing EU strategies for such schemes, he added.

Palkovics held consultations with several members of the European Commission. At a meeting with European Commissioner for Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip, they reviewed the Digital European Programme (DEP) proposal published in June. The minister welcomed the initiative, saying he agreed with its main objectives because the welfare of EU citizens depended on the success of the digital transition. However, he said, “DEP in itself will not enable us to keep pace with our global competitors” and member states must introduce measures adjusted to their own digital development demands.

Palkovics highlighted Hungarian plans connected with 5G mobile data transmission and a test track in Zalaegerszeg, in western Hungary, for autonomous vehicles.

Source: MTI

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