The Hungarian innovators created a new way of experiencing camping – without a tent. As reports, camping can be comfortable thanks to the innovative ioCamper.

IoCamper is ideal for families who like camping and would like to make their experience even more memorable, and also for those who think camping is just too uncomfortable for them. With the help of the special motorhome, the era of camping with a tents belongs to the past.

Take a look at the revolutionary ioCamper here:

With the ioCamper, one can simply transform a van into a motorhome in just 10 minutes without any technical modification on the van. Besides, one of the main advantages of ioCamper is that it expands to a four times bigger home than its original size as a van.

The ioCamper is 3 square meters in its closed form, and expands to 12 square meters when opened remotely with the help of your mobile phone or other device.

The ioCamper provides space for 4 people: it is equipped with 4 comfortable beds, kitchen, bathroom and even dining area and air conditioning. Is it not great that you can have a motorhome without any modifications to your van and its original functions?

According to the inventor of the mobile house, the idea of the ioCamper came when planning a family camping. “When my son asked me to go for a camping holiday, I decided to make it unforgettable for him” – told the inventor in the video.

There are two ways to use this unique camping equipment: as a stand-alone apartment for longer holidays in the same place and as a motorhome for a shorter period of time.

In the former case, the ioCamper can be used as a separate apartment, and even as a guest house or a fishing bungalow. In the latter case, the main base of the motorhome remains in your van and can be opened from the van’s cargo compartment.

The camper is not only very easy to use by following the instructions, but is also equipped with several functions that will make your travel as if you were sleeping in a hotel. The mini-home includes exclusive features such as solar panels, connection to electricity, a separate lighting system for each room and even a 23″ touchscreen panel.

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