The novelty, which was named “tick fungus” by its inventor, is capable of totally eliminating the parasites.

According to, the new pesticide that is specialized for killing ticks may be on the market by the end of the year. This invention offers a way to get rid of the bloodsuckers more effectively than ever before. The struggle against ticks has been quite difficult, because they are among the toughest parasites.

They can stand extreme circumstances and lay 22,000 eggs a year, which makes it possible for them to proliferate on an incredible level. During the blood sucking process, they spread sicknesses such as the Lyme disease, even though there is a vaccine for some of the illnesses spread by ticks.

They are most likely to appear in forested areas and climb onto both people and dogs from the taller grass, but some of them come down from the top of the trees or thick bushes. The fortunate thing is that there is a fungus species, which can be used to make a product that is capable of eliminating one hundred percent of the parasites.

Retired chief medical officer and chairman of Lyme Borreliosis Foundation Béla Pál Bózsik told Magyar Hírlap that the idea of “tick fungus” came from a conference in San Francisco twenty years ago. The mycelium was first tested on ladybugs’ wings, lacewings’ larvae and ticks, and the fungus harmed only the latter ones.

After that, the product was tested in the Danube by spraying the tested mixture. A year later, the treated and the untreated territories were compared, and the difference was enormous.

The Hungarian product has already been patented, so it has a green light to the market. It will be merchandised in liquid form and it will be used by spraying. If everything goes as planned, it will be appropriate for both home and industrial use.

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Source:, Magyar Hírlap

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