A laboratory employee who earlier this month was hospitalised and quarantined after accidental exposure to the Ebola virus at the Public Health Institute (OKI) is in good health and continues to show no symptoms of the virus, a senior doctor at the St. István and St. László hospital said on Monday.

Infectious diseases specialist János Szlávik said on Monday that the infection window was still critical as the incubation period for Ebola lasts 8-10 days. So far, however, the patient has shown no signs of having contracted the virus, he said.

He noted that

the patient was given an appropriate vaccine within 24 hours of his exposure and has been receiving antiviral treatment.

Szlávik said both the vaccine administered to the employee and the antiviral drug were experimental products, though the vaccine was tested successfully in Ebola epidemics and both concoctions have proven effective against Ebola.

Szlávik said the patient would remain in quarantine for the mandatory 21-day period. The health authority will then decide whether to lift the quarantine.

The Hungarian authorities are in daily contact with the World Health Organisation and are updating it on the status of the patient, he said.

Photo: Pixabay – illustration

Source: MTI

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