Metros have been making our lives easier for many years as they are quick ways of public transportation. However, in today’s rushing world we tend to get lost in our minds and, mostly, phones, and don’t even pay attention to our surroundings. The Blonde Salad thinks that this is why we might end up missing true underground works of art. They collected some of the most beautiful stops in the world and even included a Hungarian metro station.

The Blonde Salad is a blog created by Chiara Ferragni and Riccardo Pozzoli in 2009, and it is listed among the world’s top 3 fashion and travel magazines. It has evolved into a digital platform offering a 360 degrees lifestyle experience. So we can probably trust them when it comes to recommendations of any sort.

They recently published a post titled The most beautiful metro stations of the world and we were thrilled to see that a Hungarian station is listed along with stunning works of art from Shanghai, Naples and Saint Petersburg.

It is metro line 4’s Szent Gellért Square stop, which has a unique design that resembles colourful snake skin. The station and the whole metro line (the green line) was inaugurated in 2014. The metro station lies at the depth of 32 metres underground and can be reached by four escalators and two elevators. Moreover, the station is accessible with wheelchair.

Szent Gellért Square can be found on the Buda coast of the Danube, at the feet of the Liberty Bridge. The station lies between Fővám Square and Móricz Zsigmond Circus and is surrounded by famous historic buildings like the Gellért Hotel and Bath and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

However, it is probably the design that attracted the attention of The Blonde Salad’s writers. The mosaic design, which kind of looks like a galaxy, was designed based on the idea of graphic artist Tamás Komoróczky. You find yourself standing in a colourful spiral, where the arriving metro is about to take you on a galactic ride. perfectly defined its atmosphere: the style is futuristic and 80s retro at the same time, but it blends in with the exciting structure of the station. Monumental well towers above the platforms: the space is netted by huge concrete rails that evoke an ancient, cultic monument.

You should definitely see the unique station for yourself and decide how you feel about it. Nevertheless, it’s great success that it is listed among the most brilliant and grandiose stations of the world.

The world’s most beautiful metro stations according to The Blonde Salad:

  • Toledo Metro Station in Naples, Italy
  • Formosa Boulevard Station, Taiwan
  • Avtovo Metro Station in Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, Shanghai
  • Olaias Station in Lisbon, Portugal
  • Szent Gellért Square in Budapest, Hungary
  • University of Naples Subway Station, Italy
  • Mayakovskaya And Park Pobedy Stations in Moscow Russia
  • T-Centralen Station in Stockholm, Sweden

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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