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The basic minimum wage is expected to rise to 150,000 forints (EUR 460) before tax in 2019, while the minimum monthly wage of skilled workers is likely to increase to 200,000 forints, the daily Magyar Idők said on Monday, citing unnamed sources.

The paper said employers and unions are expected to reach a deal on next year’s pay rises by the end of December.

But even without a deal, the government will unilaterally raise the minimum wages to 150,000 forints and 200,000 forints, according to the sources.

The paper noted that 6-8 percent of Hungarian workers are registered as earning the minimum wage and most of them actually earned a higher monthly income.

The minimum wages for skilled and unskilled labourers are currently 138,000 forints and 180,500 forints, respectively.

Source: MTI

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