Four babies Debrecen
MTI/Czeglédi Zsolt

Last Thursday, a Hungarian mother gave birth to four siblings in Debrecen; the quadruplets are fine, they are nicely developing – reported the doctors and parents at a press conference on Monday.

As the Hungarian news portal reports, the siblings are the first babies in the family. The three girls – Panna, Anita, Anna and their brother – Richard – were born with a weight of 1230 and 1750 grams, all of them are healthy.

Rudolf Lampé, the clinic’s director, reported that – in Debrecen, the last quadruplets were born three years ago; however, before this, it only happened three decades ago. The babies are in good condition – he said.

He also added that University of Debrecen (DE) Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic received its baby-friendly title – first in Europe – in 1992, and still lives up to this status.

According to Thomas Sápy professor – “The babies were in good condition during the pregnancy, the birth started spontaneously in the 32nd week, the siblings were brought to birth by Caesarean section” – he explained. The expert added that the newborn babies are in incubator currently, but soon they will be together with their mother.

“They are great happiness for us” – commented the mother, who also revealed that they soon agreed on the names of the children. Richard and Anita got their names after their parents, but the names Anna and Panna were also quickly decided with her husband.

We are prepared to be excellent parents” – the father said; adding that everything and everybody – parents, relatives and friends – are ready to welcome the new family members. <3



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