According to, the Hungarian movie, Kincsem – Bet on Revenge was a huge success in Bangkok, just like in the US. In the centre of the Thai capital, people called the movie “Hungarian miracle” and “Hungarian wonder”. 

The success of Gábor Herendi’s new movie reached Thailand, too. Kincsem was screened on top of the Bangkok Centralworld shopping centre, in the Thailand Knowledge Park. Before the movie, Dr Péter Jakab ambassador gave a bit of background to the movie for the honorary guests. He talked about

the pride of Hungarian equestrian sports and explained the historical implications.

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The story of the unbeatable mare prodigy impressed the entire cinema.

All the guests, including the ambassadors, the Hungarians living in Bangkok and even the people from Thailand with an interest in Hungary gave a long applause after the movie ended.

Another successful screening means that the Hungarian romantic adventure movie further spreads Hungary’s reputation into the Far East.

Hungary is actually becoming more and more attractive to Asian tourists. One of the guests at the screening was Patchaya Teerawatsakul, the manager of the publishing firm that sells successful guidebooks. She revealed that their book about Eastern and Central Europe written in Thai was a huge success among the Thai audience and actually became a best seller.

Encouraged by the good reception and success, they will now soon publish a guidebook entirely about Hungary.

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