The Hungarian National Dance Ensemble just finished its tour in the USA and Canada. They were there to perform Spirit of Hungary, a play about the 1956 revolution. When they were at the world-famous Time Square in New York they thought: why not improvise a small performance? The Hungarian folk dance moves dazzled everyone.

[box] The Hungarian National Dance Ensemble is Hungary’s biggest professional folk dance ensemble with 20 pairs. They want to introduce the world to the amazing folk dance traditions of the Carpathian Basin in a way that they perform historical ballets, authentic folk shows, rock operas and story plays based on our folk traditions. Their performances are characterised by exceptional dynamics, the virtuosity of dances, and spectacular stage-settings.[/box]


So what happened was that the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble simply walked onto the crosswalk of a busy street and showed the pedestrians an improvised performance. Even the policemen were stunned by the virtuoso dance moves.


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