According to, using natural cosmetics has numerous benefits for your skin: less exposure for toxins, no parabens, better nourishment, and so on. It is no surprise that natural cosmetics are living their heyday, and thanks to the great bunch of beauty brands available in Hungary, there are plenty of natural skincare products to choose from.

COLO Skincare

This brand offers personalized, 100% natural solutions (soaps, body butters, serums, and so on) for each and every customer, based on skin type and lifestyle. Its UV protection line includes several pre-sunbathing products, such as the nourishing SPF Body Lotion (+15/+25) which contains 3 bio vegetable oils, vitamins, and other, nutrient rich oils.

Magister products

Offering all the necessary products for your everyday skincare routine from face creams to rose water and even toothpaste, Magister products focuses on the importance of quality and professional ingredients, too. Thanks to panthenol, their gorgeous tropical face cream hydrates and moisturizes the skin before and after sunbathing, while zinc oxide guarantees SPF6 sun protection.


Aunt Ilcsi’s brand (founded in 1958) is among the most popular natural cosmetic brands in the country. Its peelings, body scrubs and face creams are simply incredible, this is why several beauticians chose to work exclusively with Ilcsi products in their saloons. The carotene extra face mask is an absolute summer must-have, because it is a great remedy for skin rejuvenation and provides protection against skin damage.


More than 100 products are available currently on Manna’s website, and many of the brand’s customer favourites can be purchased in local drugstores too. Our favourites are undoubtedly Manna’s shea butter variations, especially the one with litsea cubeba oil that is perfect for pre-meditation body moisturizing, as well as for healing sunburned skin and mosquito bites.


There would be no life on Earth without it. About 65% of our body is made up of this, and, as we grow older, the amount decreases in us. Many say that it might be a source of conflicts and wars in the future. If you still not figured out what: The answer is water – Let’s start the big water test!


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