Amazing ccording to index.hu, Adél Márta Honti won gold and bronze medals in the international competition of paragliders in Colombia, and she also countered a life-threatening situation.

Honti competed in flying cross-country in Roldanillo. The athletes fly along a fixed route without engine, using warm air currents.

“While this was the first time I ran in race, and not in sport, category, my main task was to get used to my new wing (Ozone Manra6). The higher the performance of a paraglide, the less important its safety is. The last race day I experienced the most dangerous situation of my 12-year-long flying career, since my paraglide crashed in a turbulent stream and I lost control over it. I was spinning down a total of 500 meters, and I could solve the situation only 144 meters above the ground, about 10 seconds before impact. Since I lost a lot of time and height, I completely fell behind the field, but I continued the race. It costed a podium place, but I survived, and that is much more important”

– wrote Honti on Aeroclub.hu.

She had problems with the paraglide in the second Colombian race as well, but Honti already knew what to do and she knew the characteristics of the environment too. She also performed well in the stronger field: she won a gold medal among women, index.hu reported.

Photo: http://aeroclub.hu

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Source: http://index.hu

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