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Ruling Fidesz and opposition LMP called Romanian Prime Minister Mihai Tudose’s Wednesday remarks on Hungarian autonomy “unacceptable and unforgiveable”.

Commenting on a joint statement of three parties of ethnic Hungarians pledging cooperation in their efforts for autonomy, the news site cites the Romanian prime minister as saying:

“My answer is the same as on any occasion … when they tried to fly their flag. If that flag ends up flapping in the wind, those responsible will also sway up there right next to it.”

Commenting on the statement, Balázs Hídvéghi, the Hungarian prime minister’s press chief, said in a statement that Tudose’s words “cross every line, are unprecedented in European politics and are forever etched into the soul and memory of all Hungarians”, adding that an immediate apology “would be the minimum”.

He pledged that Hungary’s ruling coalition would protect ethnic Hungarians in Romania, even from their own “primitive” prime minister, Havasi said.

Péter Ungár, green LMP’s board member, called Tudose’s statement “outrageous” and called on the Hungarian foreign minister to use all diplomatic means to extract an apology from Tudose.

Source: MTI

  1. Remarkable! In a ton of articles about Tudose’s latest “bravery” this is the first where his words are cited exactly.

  2. Of course in Hungary they do it differently:

    The EU fllag in parliament was taken down without any consequences …
    What does that tell us?
    And all those cars showing the map of Greater Hungar y?

  3. Wolff I didn’t read anywhere about a Hungarian Prime Minister threatening to hang any Romanians beside their flag, did you?

  4. Well if a nation wants to put their head in the sand this day and age, and put isolated war time events into the picture. It plays both ways. There was no war in 1989, yet across the border in Ceausescu-land, you wouldn’t know the difference would you.
    Read this back! It get really interesting page 6;

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