Márta Rostás and Balázs Klézli are sergeants of the Hungarian Police. Seemingly they could not differ more from each other – Márta is 160; meanwhile, his partner Balázs, is 207 centimetres high, shadowing everyone around himself.

In spite of the visible difference, the police duo understands each other perfectly, and the people of Szekszárd simply love them, just like the people on the internet. On the Hungarian Police’s official site on Instagram, their images have received more than 50000 likes. 

The first impression is often deceiving. This is true for Márta as well who is a jail guard. Despite her size, she can feel that most people are afraid of her. Meanwhile, Balázs shadows everyone around himself with his 207 centimetres. 

“A short person can also be resolute, and you do not have to shout to make others take you seriously.” 

“At the jail, people are often afraid of me even if I barely reach their chests” – said Márta Rostás to Zsaru Magazin (“Cop” Magazine). She thinks the Hungarian saying, “the pepper is small but strong”, is real – something like “small rain lays great dust”. She has been working with Balázs for four years now – at the beginning, they viewed them carefully. “They probably thought that a small, skinny woman like me, needs such strong assistance.” – says Márta.  

“My colleague fits into my armpit because my physique is like a basketball player’s.”

“I am often asked whether I play basketball, but I disenchant them because I used to play football – I have already finished playing it because it is hard to find football boots for feet of size 52. I box instead” – said Balázs Klézli who also added that he always has height problem in apartments, so he bends every time, just to be sure. 

“My size also has advantages, e.g. when I stand next to Márti, people often behave differently.” 

– Balázs Klézli added. 

The best feature for private life

According to the latest researches concerning the issue, the closest relationship and the happiest marriage can form between a tall man and a short woman. It has evolutionary reasons because the presence of a tall man provides the feeling of safety to a woman – and also her future family is going to be safe beside such a man. 

Source: blikk.hu

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