Budapest, 2018. március 15. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök beszédéhez készül az 1848/49-es forradalom és szabadságharc emléknapja alkalmából rendezett díszünnepségen az Országház elõtti Kossuth Lajos téren 2018. március 15-én. MTI Fotó: Sóki Tamás

And this can become a serious political mistake – added Gábor Török. He wrote that in his March 15th speech PM Orbán, instead of pronouncing things that could be in his interest, actually voiced his real opinion. If that is what happened, that can become a grave political mistake which Orbán rarely commits. Gábor Török shared his thoughts on his blog which was reviewed by

We are gentle and jolly people, but we are neither blind nor dupes.

After the elections, we will, of course, get our retribution; moral, political and legal retribution, too.”

However, PM Orbán added that their supporters should not concentrate on revenge yet.

Gábor Török, a well-known Hungarian political scientist, tried to analyse Orbán’s speech together with the other speeches of the National Holiday of March 15th. According to him, it has become a key question for Fidesz to change or break the negative dynamics of the parliamentary campaign. Thus, they wanted the seventh Békement (“peace march”) to show power and confidence. As a result, it could help the government parties to come out from their defensive position.

Török stated that the march accomplished this aim; the Fidesz could rally together many people. However,

 it is hard to decide whether the campaign’s dynamics has changed or not.

He wrote that Fidesz does not want to talk about its real successes regarding the governance. Furthermore, PM Orbán does not want to make any promises. In fact, they only want to talk about migration. Török added that it never happened before; that one issue could dominate a speech of a National Holiday that much.

The political scientist analysed the unconventional part of the speech, as well. According to him, the PM had to know that

his statement would be considered as a threat by the opposition.

Török thinks that Orbán could have sent a message to his former ally and now greatest adversary Lajos Simicska through other, private channels if he had wanted to. Using his national holiday speech does not seem to be a smart move in this case – he added.

Török cannot think of any other reasons, only that PM Orbán did not care about his own interests in this case and said what he actually was thinking about. In this case

not rational arguments but his guts decided.

Török believes that it is a grave political mistake if this is truly what happened. A mistake that the PM only rarely commits in his speeches.

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