Budapest, March 29 (MTI) – The Hungarian army is prepared to dispatch more than 6,000 troops to protect the country’s border should the migrant situation so require, the chief of staff said on Tuesday.

There are currently about 2,000 law enforcement officers and soldiers patrolling Hungary’s southern borders, Tibor Benkő told public news channel M1, after visiting the region over the weekend.

Concerning the package of anti-terrorism measures the government is preparing, Benko said it assigns a number of tasks to the armed forces. These include patrolling, intelligence gathering, transport duties and, if need be, military operations, he said.

Photo: MTI


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  1. These are extremely important times, and Hungary is showing a great example how to take care of things. The migration has severe and long-lasting destabilizing effects, so not letting them in should be the paramount priority of any european country.

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