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Párizs, 2018. május 30. Illegális bevándorlók várakoznak elszállításukra Millenium néven ismert sátortáboruk felszámolása közben Párizs egyik külsõ kerületében 2018. május 30-án. A közeli csatornába két migráns belefulladt a közelmúltban. (MTI/EPA/Ian Langsdon)

The government’s “Stop Soros” draft laws are designed to penalise those that “organise illegal migration” or encourage others to bypass relevant laws, Károly Kontrát, state secretary at the justice ministry, said in parliament on Tuesday.

Kontrát said in his introduction to the package that “Hungary is now being attacked” because its government “is in the way of implementing the Soros plan”.

“Hungary and Christian culture must be protected against migration,” Kontrát insisted. He said that the government measures such as building a fence along the Hungary-Serbia border and stepping up border control “have so far protected the country but we will need more than that in future”.

Planned measures include amending the penal code so that it sanctions entities or organisations that “facilitate illegal migration” or help with asylum procedures migrants arriving from safe countries, Kontrát said.

Under a further penal code amendment, stricter sanctions will apply to organisations that provide funding to support illegal migration, or an organisation set up with the aim to provide such funding on a regular basis.

Stricter sanctions will also apply to organisations that carry out border monitoring activities and prepare and distribute information material to help illegal migrants, he said. Under the amendment these activities would entail imprisonment and being banned from the border zone, he said.

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Source: MTI

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