According to, Dicső, the wonder pumi of Baranya was chosen as the world’s most beautiful and clever pumi last weekend at an international competition held in Devecser. This means that he has won 19 out of 20 competitions in a row. This is not so surprising considering that his owner, Dr. Imre Ács has been a stock-farmer enthusiast for half a century 🙂

Imre was six years old when his love for dogs started. There were many high-bred dogs in his home town and he received a fox terrier. He called it Sabác, because he has a principle, according to which there must be at least one dog named after an old Hungarian castle in each litter.

He told the website that he first met a pumi at his grandpa’s place. He always loved them, but his main profile were terriers for four decades. He turned to pumis seven years ago. He has one condition: dogs have to be able to perform in the shows, even if it means that they have to work hard. So he likes nice, hard-working and obedient animals. This is how he got Bojtár, the father of Dicső.

He believes that the main advantage of pumis is the universality, because they love to be among people, but they are also great herders. The only fault is that they only approve of one owner, they don’t sit in the laps of others. Dr. Imre Ács does this for the love the dogs give back and the success, of course. For instance, Dicső defeated the champion of the USA, which is an amazing result.

Featured image: Illustration – Wiki Commons By TD – own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

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