The ruling parties have called for a halt to lawsuits against the state over poor prison conditions.

The group leader of the junior ruling Christian Democrats, Lőrinc Nacsa, told a press conference on Sunday that

“murderers, child killers, robbers, fraudsters and rapists” were receiving hefty amounts in compensation thanks to activist lawyers taking the state to court.

“This prison business has developed into an industry,” Nacsa said, adding that “criminals and lawyers earn fortunes of 6-10 million forints (EUR 18,000-30,000) in each case”.

“Thousands of suits of this type have been launched by clever lawyers aided by the Soros-network,” he said, adding that criminals should be punished rather than rewarded.

Nacsa insisted that prison conditions had improved considerably over the past years, noting an increase in prison capacity and the ongoing construction of new facilities.

Children Abuse Violence
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Source: MTI

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