Prezi startup Hungarian success

Hungarian presentation software Prezi has reached its 100 millionth user recently, as reported. This information was announced on the 9th birthday of the company, which is something to celebrate. The management of the Hungarian startup has also shared that the company is moving to its own office building in San Francisco and that they have a new CFO.

The most successful Hungarian startup launched in April 2009 and has been having a truly promising career since then.

The presentations created through the interface of Prezi have been viewed more than 3.5 billion times altogether.

The basic concept of Prezi’s interface evolves around zooming, which provides an opportunity to bring the presentation into an interactive space instead of sharing the information in a linear format. It is splendid for showing the connections between items. Moreover, Prezi Next was published last year, which enables the creation of dialogue-based presentations.

After passing the milestone of 100 million users, the company is moving to a new office in the USA. The new headquarters was designed by Gensler, the same enterprise responsible for the office buildings of Facebook and Instagram. This will be the 5th office of Prezi — not counting the early times when CEO Péter Árvai’s housing served as the centre of the company. However, this is the first time when they do not have to share to building with other companies, as they are on their own now.

Mr Árvai stated that Prezi has experienced a large increase in the numbers of both customers and employees.

The management also witnessed some significant changes recently, most importantly in the person of the new CFO. Narayan Menon is an experienced veteran in the field of financial management; he has helped the work of such colossal companies like Microsoft, Skype of Cisco. He may play a vital role in moving Prezi to a whole new level.



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