When it comes to launching a successful startup and keeping that startup afloat, there are a few best practices to adhere to. Before you can even think of branding and marketing best practices, the very first and most important aspect entrepreneurs need to consider is having an idea that is slightly ahead of its time, or at least one that is ripe to fill an immediate void in the current marketplace. No successful startup can ride on the bootstrings of someone else’s great idea, unless they can improve on that idea and execute it much better than the competition. In general, though, copy-cat startups fizzle out almost as soon as they’ve popped onto the scene. Whether it involves creating a new and impressive app, or offering an entirely new service, the idea must be original.

Original is exactly the word to describe these latest Hungarian startups that people should keep their eyes on in 2017.


Founded in 2014 and coming a considerable way since then, Entbrite.ly is an intriguing companion to online marketing or advertising efforts that will allow businesses using it to detect harmful or fraudulent website traffic sources (such as affiliates, bot traffic, etc.). Essentially, they are trying to keep irrelevant ad traffic out of the equation so that businesses only receive real ad impressions and optimize their online advertising budget and improve their ROI.

Their brilliant idea: offer a service that cuts out wasting money on irrelevant traffic and paying for useless impressions, ensuring that online advertisement is only shown to real people who might find it interesting.


Another service-based tool, Opp.io is an online tool that aims to improve work efficiency by making meeting notetaking more efficient and integrated. Working alongside Trello task management software, the app can be used by small or international business teams to add notes and comment on existing tasks and projects, as well as create new tasks.

Their brilliant idea: a project management app that can help businesses be even more productive and organized by making notes, comments, and task creation more streamlined and efficient. This keeps project teams all on the same page, no matter how spread out they are.

In Summary

These are only two of the many great startup ideas that can contribute to Budapest becoming the next “startup capital”. The time is ripe for a boom in the Central Europe tech scene for a startup culture that can rival the likes of London or Berlin. It is merely in want of a few great, original ideas and the motivation to see them through. The startup future looks bright for Budapest, and we are excited to see what intriguing ideas emerge on the scene.

Source: WebINETion

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