The 17-year-old boy was arrested and was immediately taken into custody by the police.

Kisalföld reported that the 17-year-old boy attacked his 51-year-old teacher with a knife more than once. The incident was reported to the police around 12 am in the morning. The teacher was taken into hospital, and the boy was immediately arrested by the authorities. This case happened on Thursday (December 5) afternoon at the Jedlik Árnyos Secondary School in Győr (Győr-Moson-Sopron County).

Győr, crime, Hungary

The boy stabbed the teacher in the back more than once, but her arms also got hurt. According to her doctors, fortunately, her lungs were not hurt. Her arms had to be operated, though, but now she is in a stable condition and being supervised by her doctors at all times.

crime, Győr, Hungary

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology was shocked when the news was reported. László Palkovics immediately called the hospital and asked about the teacher’s condition. Palkovics also stated that the ministry is ready to give every necessary support for the victim, her family, and for the secondary school as well. The ministry also hopes that the quick investigation will shed light on the reasons and background of the incident as soon as possible.

Győr, crime, knife, Hungary
crime, Győr, Hungary, teacher

The secondary school’s principal reported that the other teachers and students were shocked when learning what had happened. On Friday, every class began the day with their teacher to talk about the incident. To cope with the trauma and shock, specialised experts will help everyone who needs it.

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