At Radnóti Miklós Practice School in Budapest, Hungarian students clean their own classrooms twice a week as the institution does not have sufficient cleaning staff for the building.

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Szeretlek Magyarország reported that even the institution’s principal confirmed that the school’s students need to do this task every week. Before involving the students in the classrooms’ cleaning, the school reported this request to the parents.

This step needed to be done as soon as possible as, according to the principal’s statement, the school has not had enough people for their cleaning staff for months.

Other reports revealed that Radnóti is not the only school with this problem. The reason behind the lack of cleaning staff employees at schools is that due to the low payment educational institutions offer, many of these employees send their applications to private companies.

Some schools have not had enough people to clean for years.

Doing the cleaning at schools is not mandatory for the students, but they usually volunteer themselves. However, this is definitely not a long-term solution. The Ministry of Human Resources wrote that they did not receive any reports regarding this problem.

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