Lupa beach

Just like in American movies: lying in a canopy bed on the sandy beach and ordering cocktails. And you do not even have to go that far, Lupa beach is just around the corner, said.

It looks like there is no spring this year, what we have now feels more like summer already. So it is not a surprise that people want to cool down somewhere and the Lupa lake beach is a unique place to do that, and it is really close to Budapest.

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They first opened in 2017, and now they are coming back with even more upgrades on the 11th of May.

Budakalász is really close; one can easily get there by car, bicycle or public transportation. Lupa was originally a  quarry lake, now it is a fully developed beach.

Admission prices vary depending on which part of the beach you choose. The Bay Beach is smaller and simpler. The water deepens very gradually, there are changing rooms, restrooms, showers, buffets and sun loungers. This area became much nicer than it was last year.

On the other hand, if you want a more complex experience, give the Premium Beach a try.

White sand, private beach, aeroplanes and ships as decorations. There is a separate beach for the children with an adventure park in the water, trampolines, water dodgem and bouncy castles. For the adults, there is an open office, event spaces, beach clubs, sunset parties, piers for sunbathing…

Soon there will be many different mouth-watering foods available: gyros, pizza, pastries, ice cream and, of course, traditional Hungarian foods like lángos (learn more about lángos by clicking here).

Sport enthusiasts will also find activities designed to entertain them.

The country’s biggest water adventure park is here, as well as the best wakeboarding destination in Central Europe. Other adventures to look forward to would be diving, beach volleyball and tennis, SUP, surfing, water polo, teqball, street workout areas and an outdoor gym. You can also try out a flyboard or jetovator and who knows what else they are going to have.

The Lupa Lake Beach has countless fun activities, but we have the whole summer to try them all out. You can check out the admission prices on their website by clicking here, but it is much cheaper to visit before May 31, so do not overthink it. The weather is nice and they have a special deal for this week: you can get free food and drinks in the value of your entrance fee!

Photo: Facebook – Lupa Offical


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