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For the first time in its history, Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue had a Hungarian team among its contestants this weekend, namely team KGB (Katka-Gergő-BBQ), reports HVG.

102 teams participated  76 from the USA and 26 other teams from all over the world – in the gastronomical contest held between 26th-27th October in Lynchburg, Tennessee, a national memorial where the oldest whisky distillery of the US can be found.

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The Székesfehérvár/Velence based KGB won the right to participate in the invitational contest of Jack Daniel’s as the winner of the I. Tállya BBQ Contest & Festival. Members of the team travelled to Atlanta through Frankfurt and got to Lynchburg with a recreational vehicle (RV). Everyone focused on the competition after the parade of the contestants and their welcome party.

KGB have been taking part in such competitions for only a year now,

but they already won the Austrian Grand Champion title as well after the Tállya BBQ Contest. Members of the team, namely Gergely Turanitz, Katalin Turanitz, András Loncsár and Zoltán Lencsés entered a competition with excitement, but they stayed on their foot in terms of their requirements in the home of BBQ, where most of the teams were American as well as real professionals with great experience and technical background.

KGB performed well and received many points in all categories evaluated by the jury – poultry, pork, pork ribs and brisket  and in the additional categories – sauce, optional local dishes (they made feat bread) and desserts (they made cheesecake) – as well. However, it was impossible to win; the first 41 places, including this year’s champions, the Grand Champion Butcher BBQ, were taken by American teams.

“American teams had a tremendous advantage. It is worth to highlight their knowledge of the meat and the taste of the jury, their knowledge of charcoal and wood. We cannot and do not even want to compete with their 30 years of experience. We are happy that we did well: finishing in the 8th place among 26 international teams is amazing. As far as I know, we were the youngest team since we have been competing only for a year now. We took over teams who have been taking part in such competitions for years, 15-20 annually. It is almost incredible, that we are the 67th best BBQ team in the world.”

– said Gergely Turanitz, captain of the Hungarian team.

Barbecue is getting more and more popular in Hungary and thanks to this, competitions like the aforementioned Tállya BBQ Contest and other events are being organized. We have already written about one of them, namely the 1st American Barbecue Picniq hold back in August.

If you want to learn more about where to get a great BBQ in Budapest, click here.

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  1. The official Entree for the landmark, Jeffersonian, dinner-party Buffet to be shown on the “New CEU”…”Central European Univision” entitled “A Table-for-10″…a candle-lit “Right-Brain Event”…would be “barbecued, pork, Spare Ribs” a St.Louis Specialty…but until now, I was somewhat concerned that the Hungarians might not know how to do it.

    No Problem now…if KGB is interested in being the official Caterers for this weekly Show, they should get in Touch with me at …Regards, DY

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