Hungarian students performed outstandingly at the 48th International Physics Olympiad and came home with five medals. After triumphing at another physics competition and in robotics, this was the third time in two weeks that Hungarian students dazzled the world.

According to the official website, the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) is an annual international physics competition for secondary school students. The aim of this competition is to enhance the development of international contacts in the field of school education in physics.

Normally, each country sends a delegation of two team leaders and five students, who then compete individually in both theoretical and experimental tasks.

The results of the Hungarian students (from left to right on the featured image): Botond Nagy – silver medal, Balázs Németh – silver medal, Tamás Lajos Tompa – gold medal, Péter Tamás Kovács – silver medal, Tóbiás Marozsák – silver medal.

The team was accompanied by team leaders Tamás Tasnádi and Péter Vankó, and observer Krisztián Szász.

Featured image:ákolimpiaiSzakkörök

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