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Hungarian success at the Raceboard European Championships

Hungarian success at the Raceboard European Championships

We are thrilled to report that Áron Gádorfalvi won the men’s category at the 2017 Raceboard European Championships held in Balatonfüred, while Bence Sánta came in second. To make the Hungarian collection of medals full, Sára Cholnoky won a bronze medal in the women’s category.

The Raceboard & DII European Championships went down and came to an end successfully in Balatonfüred. It was a great sport diplomatic success for the Hungarian Windsurfing Association that they were trusted with organising a world event after twenty years. But they definitely lived up to the expectations and presented a well-organised championships.

Lake Balaton seemed to be a perfect choice of location since it is known for light wind conditions, which provided perfect racing conditions in the first part of the competition. According to Piotr Oleksiak’s report, eleven races were completed within three days. It got a bit harder thereafter, but the final 12th race was conducted right before the last possible warning signal.

Áron Gádorfalvi is a true racing veteran, who participated at 6 (!) Olympic Games. According to, out of the twelve rounds, he managed to finish in the top 3 eleven times, in fact, he won eight races, which is quite an outstanding achievement. He confidently came before everyone with his 13 points, thus winning his category.

Fina Aristic

Áron Gádorfalvi – Photo:

This was a very special moment for Áron, because it had been over twenty years since he last raced on his home ground. The support he got from locals, spectators and his family was incredible. “It is always easier for me here as I train a lot here and know the lake well.”

The silver medallist Bence Sánta finished in the top 3 in six races and won one race, thus accumulating 32 points. The bronze medallist was Petr Kucera with 35 point. Another Hungarian, Miklós Körtvélyesi (75) also made it into the top 10, he finished in the 8th place out of the 71 contestants.

Bence Sánta – Photo:

The results of the Raceboard Men Class:
  1. Áron Gádorfalvi (HUN)
  2. Bence Sánta (HUN)
  3. Petr Kucera (CZE)
  4. Patrik Pollak (SVK)
  5. Toni Stadler (GER)
  6. Radim Kamensky (CZE)
  7. Fernando Consorte (ARG)
  8. Miklós Körtevélyesi (HUN)
  9. Maciej Wójcik (POL)
  10. Artur Manelski (POL)

Bence Sánta and Áron Gádorfalvi – Photo:

The Latvian Ilona Grinberga (22) performed the best in the women’s field. She was followed by the French Viviane Ventrin (25) and the Hungarian Sára Cholnoky (29). Cholnoky managed to make it into the top 3 in seven races and even won one round. Two other Hungarian ladies made it into the top 10 as well: Luca Gádorfalvi finished in the 7th place, while Noémi Gilicze finished in the 10th place.

Sára Cholnoky – Photo:

The results of the Raceboard Women Class:
  1. Ilona Grinberga (LAT)
  2. Viviane Ventrin (FRA)
  3. Sára Cholnoky (HUN)
  4. Molly Howell (GBR)
  5. Jana Slívová (CZE)
  6. Maria Jopyk-Misiak (POL)
  7. Luca Gádorfalvi (HUN)
  8. Krystyna Soltyka (POL)
  9. Dagmar Hruba (CZE)
  10. Noémi Gilicze (HUN)

Sára Cholnoky on the right – Photo:

The results of the DII Class:

Division A:

  1. Janko Pristusek (SLO)
  2. Stratos Efthyvoulidis (GRE)
  3. Chris Valavanis (GRE)
  4. Miro Skorjanc (SLO)
  5. Uros Meza (SLO)
  6. Boris Brovinsky (SLO)

Division C:

  1. Irek Kutyla (POL)
  2. Juris Rozkalns (LAT)
  3. Peter Murray (GBR)
  4. Florent Lambert (GBR)
  5. Eric Bouillet (CAN)
  6. Helmut Honsberg (GER)
  7. Igor Horvat (SLO)

And finally, the results of the Raceboard Youth Men category, which also brought great successes for Team Hungary:

  1. Richárd Geiger (HUN)
  2. Toby Cave (GBR)
  3. Roland Szlávi (HUN)
  4. Thomas Cave (GBR)
  5. Oliver Carny (SVK)
  6. Bálint Antal Morvai (HUN)
  7. Vladimir Lesnicov (MDA)
  8. Márk Hanzély (HUN)
  9. Viktor Andok (HUN)
  10. Peter Funk (SVK)
  11. Alexandr Lesnicov (MDA)

Richárd Geiger and Roland Szlávi – Photo:

The official media partner of the Raceboard European Championships was Daily News Hungary.

Featured image: – Áron Gádorfalvi

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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