MTI – Csaba Hende Minister of Defense opened an exhibition presenting the Hungarian sword’s history, valuable artifacts and swords in the Ministry of Defence War History Institute and Museum on Tuesday.

The temporary exhibition, which is based on domestic and foreign public collections and the private collection of Norbert Maday gives an insight into the history of the Hungarian sword from the Hungarian conquest (honfoglalas) until recently in three rooms.

In addition to the outstanding beautiful weapons, other relics linked to the particular era including statues, medals, uniforms, written sources and imaginary can also be viewed.

Among the exhibited art objects, real rarities are the sabers of Andras Hadik Hussar general, who sacked Berlin in 1757 and Jozsef Simonyi, the “bravest Hussar” who played an important role in the Napoleonic wars. The exhibition will also be enriched by a sword attributed to Istvan Szechenyi, “the greatest Hungarian”, MTI said.

The organizers made booklets for children, that can help them to get to know the weapons in a playful manner. In addition, a museum pedagogy corner is also waiting for them, where various sword and uniform copies can be tried.

“The aim of the exhibition is to introduce the swords used by our ancestors and through them the Hungarian virtue to the general public and especially the Hungarian youth. With the heritage, which is not just to be nurtured by the next generation, but they have to make them into acts in the proper place and time” – Csaba Hende stressed in the opening. He added: the value of the sword is not the material or its appearance, but the acts are carried out with it.

Swords in the exhibition are not only as objects important, but we are looking through them those people who accomplished great thing for the nation. Since only such a nation can have an independent country based on law and rights, which members protect it, if it is necessary with weapons, at the cost of their lives too – the minister said.

Colonel Vilmos Kovacs, head of the War History Institute and Museum said in the opening of the exhibition: the Hungarian sword is not only a weapon but a symbol, integral part of the symbol system, handcrafted masterpiece and also a sports equipment, MTI said.

The exhibition presents the process of the evolution of the sword, how it became a weapon symbol, artistic value and sports equipment. The Hungarian sword exhibition can be viewed at the ground floor of the museum until April 12.

based on the article of MTI
translated by BA

Picture: MTI


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