College of Kecskemét Megalux team and its solar-powered vehicle arrived in Australia to take part in World Solar Challenge competition, which attracted 45 teams from 25 countries reported team leader Zoltán Kutasi from Australia.

Part of the competition includes crossing a desert, which is approximately 3,000-kilometer long with solar energy and kinetic energy driven vehicles.

The 14 members Hungarian team comprises of lecturers and students of the College of Kecskemét.

The 3,000 kilometers race kicks off October 18 in Darwin. The team that crosses the finish line first in Adelaide will win the race.

The difficulty of the terrain is shown by the fact that in 2013 only 10 of the 33 vehicles could reach the finish line. The World Solar Challenge race winners receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money.

The all Hungarian designed Megalux racing car receives energy from a six square meters solar panel surface.

The one-wheel drive vehicle, equipped with dual-circuit hydraulic braking system.

The weight of the extremely streamlined solar vehicle is just over 160 kilograms; the team hopes that thanks to its lightweight construction the vehicle can travel an average of 80 to 90 kilometers per hour.

Megalux is able to reach 110 kilometers per hour speed demonstrated at a trial race in Hungary.

Megalux has plastic body and sandwich structure made of carbon fiber – so-called pre-preg composite. The drivers that weigh about 80 kilograms will drive the vehicle on a rotational basis, replacing each other at control points in every 250-450 kilometers.

Each solar-powered vehicle is accompanied by two other cars, one in front monitoring the terrain and road conditions, and the other traveling behind it carrying the judges that verify compliance with the rules.

The World Solar Challenge competition is organized mainly for educational institutions, schools, and research institutes.

Photo: Megalux Facebook


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  1. Good luck Team Kecskemet Megalux ; I hope we can follow your progress here on
    Your test results sound impressive. Just hope you have covered the over heating of driver and electrical circuits ; I’m sure you have.

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