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The U17 Hungarian Women’s Team showed excellent performance during the whole tournament in Celje (Slovenia). On 10th August, Hungary’s opponent was Sweden in the finals.

The Swedish team had lost to the Hungarians in the semi-finals of the Championship (26-22). The score was similar this time as well: 28-24. The Hungarian team finished the match with a 4-score lead against the physically stronger Swedish team, thanks to their advantage in skill. Therefore, similarly to the Hungarian U19 Women’s Team, it

won the Championship with a 100% win-rate. 

The Hungarian girls were dominating the finals from the first moments, and after the 21-14 lead, there was little doubt about who would be the winner of the tournament. At that point, the Swedish team suddenly started to perform a quick comeback by gaining 5 scores. After that, 6 minutes passed without any goals, and the 2-score lead seemed to stabilise. The final blow was given by the goals of Petra Koronczai. The match was won by the Hungarian team with the score: 28-24. 

Magyar közönség

2019 European Women’s U-17 Handball Championship


  • Hungary–Sweden: 28–24 (13–9)

Third place:

  • Denmark–France: 21–28







Source: index.hu

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