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A successful work dinner has recently been organised by the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (HCCI) Committee for African Relations – can be read on the official website of the BCCI.

Hungarian embassy to open in Uganda

Daily News Hungary recently reported that not long ago, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó discussed migration and bilateral relations with his Ugandan counterpart, Sam Kahamba Kutesa in Budapest, and now a business dinner has been held, during which the delegations of the two nations introduced themselves and emphasised the strong economic ties between the two countries.

The event, in fact, was a mixture of a business dinner and a business meeting, and it was hosted by András Rév and Zoltán Kiss.

The evening’s guests included Sam Kahamba Kutesa, Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Cabinet of Uganda, and his delegation, employees of the Committee for African Relations and the managers of those Hungarian businesses that are the most actively present in Africa today.

Sam Kahamba Kutesa has been the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Cabinet of Uganda since 13 January 2005, and he maintained this position through three cabinet reshuffles. He is also the elected Member of Parliament for Mawogola County in Sembabule District.  He was the President of the United Nations General Assembly during its 69th session in 2014–2015.

During the business dinner, Sam Kutesa introduced Uganda’s main areas related to the economy, business and investment in detail.

After Kutesa’s presentation, István Joó gave one as well, in which he emphasised the Hungarian-Ugandan economic relations, and he also announced that the business delegation of the Hungarian Government will definitely pay a visit to Uganda this year.

In the last portion of the evening, the Hungarian companies and businesses present at the dinner introduced themselves one by one. Among others, delegates of the following Hungarian businesses attended the important dinner: Water and Soil Ltd., SOLIN Energy Ltd., Hidrofilt Ltd., Carinex Ltd., Utiber Ltd., Kömi Ltd. and the ANY Security Printing Company.

uganda hungary
Photo: BKIK
uganda hungary
Photo: BKIK

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