Balázs Czakó proves that good weather is not a prerequisite for a gorgeous and memorable wedding photo and here is the proof, brought to you by

Getting married is one of the most unforgettable events of our lives and a good wedding photo can make the memory live longer and more vivid. No wonder wedding photos are so popular, they capture love and happiness, and even if we don’t always know the couple whose pictures we are looking at, we are still moved by the harmony portrayed in those photos. Still, if you think wedding photos all look the same – perfect couple in perfect weather – you couldn’t be more wrong.

A Hungarian photographer, Balázs Czakó, snapped the most unique wedding photo ever. You must know that Balázs has a knack for storms, his favourite theme to photograph are thunderstorms: the bigger, the better. As he does wedding shootings as well, he was lucky enough to combine the two this month.

The picture and its success speak for themselves – the photo gained over 1600 positive reactions on Facebook.

Cosmopolitan interviewed the Bride, Fanni, where she told the magazine that they were expecting the bad weather, and prepared by buying a white umbrella. She said she was absolutely convinced that there will be a heavy rainfall with dark clouds, however, the whole day they had nice weather: 26 Celsius degrees with bright sunshine – she didn’t have the umbrella on her.

“We were shooting under the trees, where the light was peeping in sometimes, but when we came out of the shadows, we saw the huge rainclouds creeping closer and closer” – said Fanni. Luckily, they had an experienced and well-prepared photo team and decided to look for a field, where the sky will make a perfect backdrop for the photos. The young bride recalled their worries upon seeing that the rain had already started pouring not far from them (remember, she didn’t bring her umbrella!). The shooting on the field took 20 minutes, but Fanni says it was all worth it: “I will always remember that”.

photo: Czakó Balázs Fotográfia – facebook

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