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Every climate produces different tasting wines, so the travel website European Best Destinations has collected the best wine destinations in Europe, among which Eger is featured.

There is more to wine than just a classy, relaxing drink to accompany a lively conversation or a hearty meal: European Best Destinations argues that wines are storytellers too, you can learn from them a lot about the region in which they were produced, the taste of those living in the area and about the climate.

We have at least one more reason why you should visit Eger, the Hungarian Athens, and that is the Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Apostle

Let us see then the top eleven wine regions:

  1. Alentejo – Portugal
  2. Bordeaux – France
  3. The Douro Valley – Portugal
  4. Tuscany – Italy
  5. Champagne – France
  6. Eger – Hungary
  7. Catalonia – Spain
  8. Piedmont – Italy
  9. Rhone Valley – France
  10. Istria – Croatia
  11. Santorini – Greece
eger city hungary

What does European Best Destinations have to say about the wine region of Eger? “The Valley of the Beautiful Lady” is an outstanding touristic and domestic feature of Hungary.

The famous wine route is located in Eger and is popular not only in Hungary but abroad as well, producing the finest wines in the country.

If you want to get lost in the world of wines, visit this intricate system of 200 wine cellars. What gives the extra knock to the wines? The rhyolite tuff caves into which the valley was engraved decades ago.

Eger is best known for the Bull’s Blood wine (the Egri Bikavér in Hungarian), a red cuvee, and the Star of Eger (Egri Csillag), a light cuvee, but there are several other wines you should taste once you are there. Although the Valley of the Beautiful Lady has produced numerous award-winning wines (mostly at the Bordeaux Wine Olympics), these prestigious drinks along with the vintage products are still affordable, an argument supported even by the Independent.

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  1. Your title is a flight of fancy. Yes Hungary has some great wines but you are getting quite ahead of yourself misrepresenting the article. Eger is a top ‘Wine Destination’, not a destination for ‘Top Wine’. The inclusion of Santorini should have been a tip off.

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