According to, a Hungarian woman living in Syria has been trying to escape home from the war-torn country in vain.

Mónika moved to Hama 16 years ago with her Syrian husband, Man, whom she met in Hungary. Her taxi driver husband was imprisoned three years ago because he crashed into the car of a soldier of high standing and even came to loggerheads with him.

Mónika and Man have three children, out of whom two were born in Hungary and one was born in Syria. The family wants to escape to Hungary from the war, but this seems to be impossible. Their Hungarian passports have expired and they could only get Syrian papers in a refugee camp. Since there is no embassy in Syria, they travelled to Jordan, but the Hungarian Embassy in Amman rejected them as the imprisoned father’s approval is needed for the engrossment of the children’s passports.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has heard about Mónika’s case and they suggest the Beirut or Amman Embassy for administration as the Embassy in Damascus was closed on the 5th of September, 2012.


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