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Not long ago an unidentified woman was found dead, horribly murdered, in Lake Fertő’s Austrian side. Szeretlek Magyarország reports that new information has come to surface regarding the murder: she was possibly killed by a cannibal.

A woman’s torso, missing the limbs and head, was found in Lake Fertő in mid-April, who was at first suspected to be a Hungarian celebrity, Fanni Novozánszki, who has been missing for months and is thought to be dead. As it was revealed later, the victim is probably a Slovakian prostitute. As of yet, this is not confirmed by the police. The only information that was disclosed to the public is that the victim is a woman aged 20-30, 155-166 centimetres tall with short, auburn hair.

The Hungarian online magazine writes that at the end of April, a Viennese man was taken in by the Austrian police as a prime suspect in the murder case. At that time, the only known thing about him was that he is of Austrian citizenry. Now his age is public too: he is of 63 years.

The circumstances of the murder are still hazy, as

the Austrian press writes that the woman was stabbed, but the killer’s lawyer claims that his client has panicked and strangled the young woman.

He cut up the body the same day and scattered her remains in Lake Fertő.

The case can get even gruesome than before, as the victim’s body parts were found in the suspect’s refrigerator. According to his lawyer, the suspect did not plan on eating the victim initially, only wanted to get rid of the body parts, but ‘has simply forgotten them there’, but now the suspect has revealed in his confession that the idea of eating the said parts has actually occurred to him.

He has not only confessed to this crime, but to another murder too. He committed a similar murder but his previous victim was a man: he cut him up with an axe. The suspect has spent altogether 30 years in jail throughout his life.

The suspect had relations to the victim, as he was working as a drug dealer and the woman was one of his clients.


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