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According, Croatian and Hungarian adults feel the worst about their health, while the Cyprians, Greeks, Irish and the Swedish claim to be the healthiest. Eurostat researched the health-perception of European Union members in honour of World Health Day.

Almost ¾ of the European Union’s 25-64 age group felt like their health condition was good or very good in 2015, while less than 7% felt like their health was bad or very bad. Eurostat’s classification included five levels: very good, good, fair, bad and very bad.

One of the main factors that have an influence on the perception of health is the level of education as an important socio-economic factor. 61% of the low qualified EU population, aged 25-64, said that they were healthy or very healthy, but this rate increased to 85% among highly qualified respondents.

Regarding Hungary, only 40% of the low qualified population feels healthy, while 78% of graduates accounted for good or very good health.

In the European Union the Cyprians, the Greeks, the Irish, and the Swedish feel the most comfortable in their own skin, the rate of healthy or very healthy perception is more than 80% in their case. This rate is 63% in Hungary, which is the 5th worst result in the EU. Only the Lithuanians, Latvians, Portuguese and Estonians feel less healthy than us.

Based on this, 11% of the Hungarian population aged 25-64 perceive their health as bad or very bad. Only the Croatians feel worse than us, this rate is 12.6% in their case.


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