The first news of the novel coronavirus started reaching the world around late December 2019 and early January 2020. In March, that new strain of the virus has already become a pandemic and countries closed down one by one. For the majority of the year to follow, every country had some regulations and three weeks ago Hungary had to tighten its restrictions in order to help mitigate the casualties and infections of the third wave. Unfortunately, it seems like people are sick and tired of restrictions and there are more and more instances where they do not observe them. No wonder the virus is raging on stronger than before.

If you allow it, Google collects GPS data on people’s devices and have collected these data during the pandemic. It serves as an interesting point of view to see how people have reacted to the different restrictions that were implemented in Hungary. Of course, this data is not necessarily 100% accurate, as not every people use Google devices, but it gives an idea about the general attitude of people.

According to 24, who have analysed this data, not as many people were entire complying with restrictions as during the first wave, when the country almost literally shut down and streets were empty. As entertainment facilities are still closed, there is not much change there and approximately the same amount of people stayed home, however, people went to parks and stores significantly more during the second wave than the first.

According to Sotiris Georganas, Reader in Behavioural Economics, City, University of London: “it appears people haven’t responded as strongly to restrictions in the second wave.”

This is probably true for the third wave as well as more and more people want reopening and move to the streets as part of demonstrations. According to Blikk’s information, the

Budapest Police Headquarters coordinated a raid in a mall in Budapest in order to monitor whether people comply with the regulations or not. The police have found and ID-d 170 people in a gym

and most of them had a certificate about being able to visit gyms. In Hungary, according to the current regulations, only athletes or people who competitively practise sports can use gyms.

More startling are the numbers however that 24 reported. According to the portal, there are around 20 general practitioners who do not vaccinate people. Szabolcs Békássy, the national collegial professional leader of general practitioners, told Magyar Nemzet in an interview published on Saturday that:

“With a few exceptions, GPs are doing their duties well despite the enormous challenges posed by the vaccination program. More than five thousand GPs are involved in the task, and there are less than twenty who do not perform vaccination. Anti-vaccination or coronavirus denial is not always the reason, in some cases it is infrastructure-related, for example. The number of GPs who do not vaccinate for reasons of principle can be put below ten.”

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  1. Doctors who are not prepared to cooperate i.e. refuse on “principal” to take part in the vaccination
    programs should not be allowed to practice.
    They have sworn to save lives, not cause deaths.

  2. Profiting from a pandemic should be considered the highest form of treason. Using vaccine for votes is profiting from a pandemic. Buying vaccine through middle man so you can sell it to the government for double the price is profiting from a pandemic. Buying thousands of ventilators to use as political capital with neighboring governments is profiting from the pandemic. Governments who abuse funds for medicine and make laws that allow people to go to sporting events, who allow people to travel for “business” should be overthrown. WHY does Hungary have the highest death rate in the world. Inept government. A medical system that has deteriorated for 10 years, and before, to the point it cannot save lives when there is an emergency. WAKE UP!

  3. Propaganda being output by this “impounding” Government is Treasonous.

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