34 per cent of those surveyed have already ordered wine from a webshop in recent months, either from a wine merchant or directly from a producer, according to a survey conducted by Csaba Koch, winner of Wine Producer of the Year in October and November.

According to the report of storeinsider.hu, purchases from the webshop are increasing, even directly from the producer. According to the research, the most popular price category is the range of 1,000-2,000 forints (2.5-5.5 euros). The majority still procure their favourite drink personally: 37.8 per cent buy it primarily in a supermarket and 18.4 per cent in a wine store.

12 per cent of those surveyed said their wine consumption habits have changed since the coronavirus pandemic broke out: they consume more wine, but typically at home. However, only 6 per cent drink wine daily, with most (50.1%) opening bottles 1-2 times a week.

“According to research, white wine is the most popular category; 62.4 per cent of respondents enjoy consuming various white wines. Red wine came in second (59.6%) and rosé finished 3rd with 49.8 per cent. It can be said that in recent times, the consumption of rosé has declined somewhat, but it is still very popular. Among the customers, the dry category was in the first place, and the sweet wine was the second,” informs Csaba Koch.

More than half of the respondents prefer wine for the amount between 1,000-2,000 forints (2.5-5.5 euros), and in total, 88 per cent of the respondents prefer products with a price below 3,000 forints (8.5 euros). If people choose wine as a gift, Hungarians are a bit more gallant: most (39.2 per cent) buy a product with a price range of 2,000-3,000 forints (5.5-8.5 euros), and 18.8 per cent go up to 5,000 forints (14 euros).

“The majority of consumers believe that there is not necessarily a strong correlation between the price and quality of the wine, so the choice is most often made for good-quality wines in the middle price range.

For customers, the most important aspects of wine selection are the name, brand awareness, wine label, and the prizes of the winemaking on the bottle.

According to the results of the survey, the award-winning qualification of wine or winemaking is a decisive aspect for 80 per cent of customers. Based on shopping habits, it can be stated that the majority of the respondents prefer Hungarian wines over foreign wines (44.7 per cent of the respondents do not consume foreign wine); which is an extremely gratifying result for Hungarian wines,” says Victoria Evans, Sommelier Champion of the Year 2020, in connection with the survey.

Source: storeinsider.hu

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  1. Vineyards of Hungary – the industry have been a winner, from this on-going deadly coronavirus pandemic.
    Globally it does appear the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, has reflected substantial increase into the general public life of citizens.
    Hungary would fall into same lines.
    Interestingly, read an article, of a State population of 6.5 million, who have experienced record sales from their book-shops.
    They are same as the global trend, increase alcohol and tobacco, but encouraging, at least, they are exercising using their brains simultaneously with a wine and a smoke.
    Incredible, when you stop, take time and deeply think, of all the other activities that are available to us, cloistered in our houses, and then we read of the population increase of numbers “running to the bottle” or increasing smoking level.
    It’s a big world out their, and insurmountable levels of materials, through numerous sources, that we can research investigate, explore, participate and involve ourselves in, that will motivate and stimulate our lives, without the need of increasing our alcohol or tobacco level.
    Increase the “deeds” we do for one another – or commence doing deeds, for they are a rewarding and a motivational stimulus that are a constructive function in our lives, and fill in time, for good reasons and purpose, that this time, is being used and shared purposefully.

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