Southern Morocco is significantly underdeveloped compared to the North – but now the kingdom starts the development of the South with ambitious plans, wrote.

Dakhla province was part of the former Spanish Sahara; it had been added to Morocco in the seventies. Today, a good road network connects it with the northern part of the country, but due to the big distances it doesn’t have many visitors at the time. But its wonderful Saharan landscapes, the only national park in the southern area, and the excellent climate (it should be noted, that it is at the same latitude as the Canary Islands) could make it an ideal tourist destination.

In addition, it has great potential in fishery – perhaps the world’s most delicious oysters and king crabs live here – but agriculture and industry can also offer possibilities with proper developments here. Dr. Jozsef Steier, leader of HTCC (Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center) of Morocco discussed these possibilities with the governor of the province during his southern trip – so, Dakhla will welcome the Hungarians as well.

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