ski resort lift and report the accident happening in Gudauri ski resort, Georgia, due to a malfunction of the ski lift on 16 March. Hungarian skiers were also involved in the incident, although no Hungarian was injured when the lift began speeding up. Here are the details about the event from a Hungarian’s perspective.

Skiers were transported up and down the mountain range in Gudauri ski resort when suddenly the lift became uncontrollable. Albert Treer, a Hungarian tourist, was on the spot when the incident happened and in a telephone interview to MTI, he reported that Hungarians were also involved in the incident when the lift speeded up and ten seats moved into one another.

He mentioned that all of a sudden, the seats started to move backwards and 6 Hungarian skiers could jump out of the ski lift on time. However, others were not so lucky and they were literally thrown out of the accelerated lift.

Since the incident, videos circulating on the Internet about what happened recording the shocking moments and the panic broken out when the lift speeded up throwing people out of it.

Here is one YouTube video about the malfunction of the ski lift which might disturb the public peace!

Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed that a number of different nationalities were involved in the incident. Altogether 12 people were injured, and a Ukrainian and a Swedish citizen are also among the victims.

According to the Minister, two people have been hospitalised in Tbilisi while eight people were transported to the hospital of Gudaur. Those stuck in the air are being evacuated, and the cause of the accident is being investigated.

We hope that those injured get well soon!

Source: MTI;;

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